Video Review: Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching Me”

Rockwell picks up the newspaper on his porch and opens the door of his house. His dog waits for him by the steps. He pets his dog on the head. While walking into the kitchen, a crow flies over his head.

He takes a shower.

While walking down the hallway, he inches away from the stuffed animal heads on the wall.

On television, he watches as the mobster talk directly to him.

In a cemetery, he stands by his grave. A shirtless young man stands behind him.

A young woman, wearing a black robe, dances in the bathroom as he takes a shower. While walking upstairs, his dog wears a pig head over his face. He shuts the bedroom door on his dog.

A second shirtless man carries a roasted pig on a tray as he walks in his house. Blood spills out of the shower. Wearing a towel around his waist, he sees several zombies in his bedroom. He opens the door and watches the mailman wave his mail. He squints and laughs. He walks to his porch and gets his mail.

Rating: 4/5

Rockwell flips through the newspaper. In a tiny box in the world section, a paragraph reads about a citizens being quarantined from a strange illness in Canada. No cases of have been reported in the United States.

A single bite could kill him. Although it hasn’t been mentioned, the virus seems to be zombie related.  He believes some people in his neighborhood have been affected. His dog has been barking much more lately. He closes his window at night and locks it. By his bed, he keeps a bat. He doesn’t want to take any chances.

In the morning, the mailman walks with a limp arm and sniffs as he hands him his mail. Rockwell asks him to place it in the box. The mailman lets out a grunt. Rockwell moves a few steps back. The signs were there. He runs back inside and breathes hard. A man with hollowed out eyes walks through the door.

His dog barks at the hollowed out eyed man while Rockwell shouts at him to come upstairs. This was it. He clings to his dog as the hollowed man clomps up the stairs. He holds his breath as he the hollowed man walks from room to room. The door knob turns and Rockwell shakes.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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