Video Review: CeCe Peniston “Finally”

Against a white background , a young man dances in silhouette. Multiple colors outline his movements.

CeCe Peniston moves in silhouette to a royal blue wall with a black square hanging on it. She waves her hands as she dances by a large, red square. She dances by a teal and violet circles while her body is in black-and-white.

In color, she stands by one of the shapes. Her face is split into black-and-white and violet as she dances.

The young man, in silhouette, dances against a teal background.

She dances, in silhouette, against a mustard yellow background with a black square. In black-and-white, she dances, her body covered in teal.

In color, she moves a yellow triangle by her face. Back in black-and-white, she taps her heart. A violet and mustard yellow border on the left and right. She sings within a mustard yellow circle. She walks into the teal background and kicks her leg.

Back in color, she puts her hands over her mouth as she hides behind a royal blue triangle.

Rating: 3/5

CeCe Peniston ties up the laces of her ankle boots and takes a look at the clear aqua sky. Glancing at the flower garden, she notices the plum tulips blossoming. She opens the keylock and gets into her car. While driving on the expressway, she glances at the lush hunter green growing on the sides. Everything was beautiful. Even the gray and spots of black tar on the pavement seemed to be meld together to form a stylish pattern.

It was a long shift. However, at 7 p.m., she’ll be over at her boyfriend’s house. She was looking forward to the carry out Chinese food for dinner. They had been dating for almost two years and had settled into a routine. She had spent most of her time at his house lately. They had talked about moving in together but hadn’t made a concrete decision.

Multiple guys had let her down or led her on. Dating had become trying and she had been wondering if it was worth it. Her boyfriend had been a good friend of hers before they dated. She had liked their connection and believed it was something special. But she had been nervous about bringing up dating. He had told her he could no longer watch her be hurt and ignore what he felt. She was glad he had said something. Otherwise, she’d still be going on date after date, wondering what she was doing wrong.

Director: Claude Borenzweig  Year: 1991

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