Video Review: Fleetwood Mac “Big Love”

Mick, Lindsey, Stevie, Christine and John perform in the courtyard of Kimberly Crest in Redlands, California.

Lindsey stands against a window with red wallpaper. It forms a frame against a yellow patterned wallpaper, which Lindsey also stands against.

They perform on a stage. The red curtain closes. Lindsey and a young woman talk while standing in the corridor inside the mansion. Stevie, John, Mick and Christine stand by the doors in the hallway.

On the television, Lindsey puts his hand on the young woman’s shoulder. Lindsey plays the guitar on the during sunset. He performs on the stage by himself.

Lindsey and the young woman dance in the family room while he also performs on the television. They dance on television while the band stands on the beach at night.

Lindsey flies through the door of the window with the red wallpaper. The house splits apart and he flies in space. He plays the guitar in the hallway by himself. Lindsey and the young woman sit on the bed.

The band performs on the lawn in front of the mansion.

Rating: 2/5

Lindsey Buckingham brings his girlfriend to his home. He proclaims his love to her. She promises to remain devoted to him forever. He writes her love letters and dedicates songs to her on the radio. But it’s not enough. He says it has become too much and tells him she must go. He says she’ll always be her first love and each rose will remind him of her.

A year later, he makes love to another woman. He whispers to her that he doesn’t want anyone else but her. None of his other lovers can compare. She tells him he’s the only love she’s ever known and cuddles beside him. He takes her to Paris and Rome. They buy a house on the beach. However, he discovers her with another man in their bed.. She covers herself with a sheet and asks for forgiveness. He responds “you’re forgiven” but adds he says she’s welcome to do whatever she wants. She shouts that he refuses to love. He tells her she’s not wrong.

A young woman tells him he’s handsome while he shops for groceries. She seems pleasant and someone he could see being with in the long-term. However, he cuts off the conversation and rushes out of the aisle. The one special person no longer loves him. Love seems to be wasted on him otherwise, a pointless endeavor meant for romantics.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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