Video Review: Kaskade & Meghan Trainor “With You (Version 2)”

Against a black background, Meghan Trainor turns. The pearls swing from her shoulder. She touches her beaded bodysuit.

Wearing a navy blue jumpsuit, she raises her arms in the air and dances.

Wearing a beaded mask, she touches her face. She touches her breasts.

In the navy blue jumpsuit, she opens her hands and the fairy dust sparkles. She runs her hands in a small pool of water. She lies on the floor. While standing up, she moves her hands and the sparkles move with them.  Several men, wearing beaded masks, perform a routine with her. She sits by the water and whips her hair.

Rating: 1/5

Meghan Trainor winces as she puts on the royal blue jumpsuit. Her body aches while wearing it. However, she’s not putting on tights or a modest skirt again. Being modest got her nowhere. No one paid attention to her and thought she was straight-laced.

While out with her friends, she drank until she vomited. She told some of her boyfriend’s secrets as he was sitting next to her. Her boyfriend told her to slow down. She said she wanted to stay. He walked out of the bar. She ran after him, hanging onto his shirt, pleading with him that she didn’t mean it.

She texts her boyfriend all night and posts selfies on her social media. She distorts her face with filters, removing any lines and edits her thighs. Her friends tell her she’s beautiful and she responds with a “thank you!” She direct messages some guys and flirts with them. They ask “don’t you have a boyfriend?” She says, not right now.

A couple days later, her boyfriend apologizes to her. At dinner, her boyfriend comments that her notifications are going off tonight and mentions that he doesn’t recall her posting anything. She shrugs, saying the stores are having a lot of sales and keeps her phone face down on the table. Her boyfriend looks at her phone and sees one of the direct messages pop up. He puts her phone down and stares at his plate for a moment. She stares at her food. On the way home, neither of them talk.

Director: LikeRomeo Year: 2019

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