Video Review: Edie Brickell & New Bohemians “What I Am”

A hand painted sign states “Midnight Show.” Edie Brickell sits on the floor while the band performs. She wanders around and touches the light fixture.

She and her band sit on a soap box race cars.

She turns the bust of a mannequin. A hand painted ceramic Scooby Doo dog smiles.

She continues to wander around on the floor.

A toy monkey pops out of a box.

Rating: 3/5

Edie Brickell reads her poem during the reading. The crowd claps for her. The host of the poetry reading states Brickell has some books and merchandise available. Brickell says she has one more poem she would like to read. She explains it was borne from a negative experience. She was lost and going through a lot. The word came rushing out of her. As she reads, she blinks back tears. She pauses and says she needs a moment. The words were taking her back when she didn’t know she was. She gulps and says she’s ready to continue.

After the reading, a young woman tells her the last poem gutted her. Brickell signs her book and says she was having a hard time with it herself. The young woman thanks for her being inspiration. Brickell sips her coffee and sells two more books.

In the car, she looks out the window. She sees a couple ignoring one another while at the traffic stop. She watches a man read the newspaper as he sits in the shelter at the bus stop. She pulls into a parking lot of the diner and looks over their menu near the cash register.

At the diner, the server hands her her meal and tells her to have a nice day. She takes her hamburger out of the container and bites into it. A second young man side eyes her as she licks the mustard from her fingers. No one knew she was shortlisted for a poetry prize and had attended several literary parties within the last week. She waves to the second man and walks out of the door. Sitting on the curb, she finishes the rest of her food.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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