Video Review: Monsta X & French Montana “Who Do U Love?”

At night, a train rolls by. Jooheon walks by a structure and touches his neck. Shownu walks down the the hallway of the hotel. Wonho sits by several televisions, which are playing a wildlife show. Hyungwon reads a newspaper in the restaurant. Wonho looks over his shoulder at the television in his hotel room.

Minhyuk stands in the telephone booth. Hyungwon sits on a red chair in banquet hall and looks at the ceiling. Wonho changes the station on the television and watches French Montana as he folds his hands in lime green lit hallway.

A heart monitor beeps. Jooheon dances on stage. He rests his head on one of the seats. Shownu walks past some fallen hanging lights left on the floor. Jooheon takes a drink.

They sit in the theater and get up from their seats.

Rating: 3/5

Hyungwon waits in the banquet hall. The lecture had been over for about 15 minutes. The catering service had taken away the trays. The speaker had talked with the last person. The speaker had tried to stay on task and keep the people on topic. However, people had been asking irrelevant questions and trying to get noticed. Hyungwon had stood up to ask a question but was told there wasn’t enough time. Judging by the length of the line, other people’s questions had gone unanswered also.

Shownu walks out of the hotel room. He needs some time alone. Things have been crazy for about a year now. He spots some broken lights on the floor and says hello to the maintenance man. He asks the maintenance man what happened. The maintance main explains some guests were complaining the light was loose. He nods and tells him goodbye. It was the most mundane and normal conversation he had. Assistants shield him from the ordinary aspects of the world. His phone buzzes. It’s the manager wanting to know where he is.

Minyuk wants to call someone. His crush likely thinks he’s not interested. She may even be a fan. However, it wouldn’t be the same. He wouldn’t be able to have an actual relationship with her. He loves his work and it’s something he fought to do. But it changed his life in a way he hadn’t anticipated. Normal things have become out of reach.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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