Video Review: Normani "Motivation"

Video Review: Normani “Motivation”

A 12-year-old Normani runs into the family room, her sneakers squeaking on the hardwood floor. Her mother tells her, “stop making all that noise.” Sitting on the rug in front of the television, she watches BET’s 106 and Park. The male host says “one of the fastest, high-rising videos on our countdown in the history of BET’s 106 and Park. We’re going to give it to the number one video in the world right now, Normani.”

Young Normani’s eyes widen and she gets up to dance.

In the video, Normani, wearing a white crop top and denim jeans walks on the street.

In a graffitied “1996” top and slit skirt, she dances on the sidewalk in her neighborhood. Her friends sit on the couches outside and talk. Her friends join in the routine. She checks out a shirtless young man walking past her. He walks to his girlfriend and looks over his shoulder at Normani while they walk away.

Normani and her friends dance by the recreation center. Some people hang onto the fence. Normani bounces a basketball off her butt during the routine.

She and a second shirtless young man dance together in the street. A train passes by them.

A third young man plays saxophone while she dances in the rain at night.

At night, she and her friends dance in front of her house. The television shuts off.

Rating: 5/5

Normani cries in the audience as a young pop star thanks her for influencing her during her speech for Best New Artist at the award show. Backstage, she watches as a group of contemporary singers perform her numerous hit singles, which hit consistently hit the Top 40. Lauren Jauregui a former member of Fifth Harmony, helps narrates the video, featuring Normani’s career milestones. She hugs Jauregui and accepts her Lifetime Achievement Award.

She was going to make it. Her record label told her to be patient. They saw potential in her and were waiting for the right song. With each song release, she hoped it would be it. However, some didn’t go anywhere. She dreaded going to the record label for meetings, knowing the possibility that she might get dropped.

“Motivation” had changed the course of her career. She was able to stand on her own. Her debut album was highly anticipated and broke streaming numbers. She began winning awards and people began requesting to work with her. Her second album, though, solidified her career, surpassing expectations and living up to the hype. She was a bonafide star.

Directors: Dave Meyers & Daniel Russell Year: 2019

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