Video Review: Robbie Nevil “C’est La Vie”

In black-and-white, a young woman dances in a junkyard. Vehicles pass by Robbie Nevil as he stands by the young woman.

Back in color, Nevil and his band perform.

Several young woman stand together in a bathroom. A second young woman, wearing a rose pink dress, stands in the corner of the bedroom. Nevil sits on the bed. Several women dance in the bedroom. It rotates to black-and-white.

In color, Nevil stares at the young woman, leaning against a car while in the junkyard. She turns and dances by the corner in black-and-white. Continuing in black-and-white, a background singer in his band performs.

Through a rose pink filter, the second young woman sits on a chair in the bedroom. Lit in teal, a third young woman pulls some of her hair in the shower.

Back in color, Nevil performs in the junkyard as the cranes move back and forth.

Rating: 2/5

Another young woman says she just wants to be friends. Robbie Nevil figures he has to accept it. While ringing up a customer at the junkyard, his friend tells him that the young woman wasn’t worth it. He punches out at 6:15 p.m. and drives back home.

He might as well getting used to being single. The young woman didn’t like him as much as he thought. However, it seemed as though it may have worked out with the young woman. The car sputters and stops in the road. He curses as he puts on the emergency lights. There goes the money for a new couch.

He calls into work, telling his boss he was unable to find a ride. His cousin comes over and pats him on the shoulder. She says she can drive him tomorrow morning and adds that she’ll loan a car to him. He sighs with relief, telling her he was worried about losing his job.

His cousin says they should go out to lunch. He suggests one of his favorite restaurants. While they drive up, a sign reads “closed for remodeling.” Nevil starts to laugh, saying of course it would happen. His cousin says she was really looking forward to the salmon. Nevil remarks that they’ll have to go somewhere else.

Director: Peter Care Year: 1986

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