Video Review: Mabel "OK (Anxiety Anthem)"

Video Review: Mabel “OK (Anxiety Anthem)”

In black-and-white, Mabel turns on the video camera. She stands in front of the camera and talks.

Jordan Charles looks down. A young woman touches her extensions. Kat Hawkins sits on the floor and stares at her two prosthetic legs. Ruqsana Begum punches into the air.

Mabel sings into a microphone from the ceiling.

A thirtysomething man dances. Munroe Bergdorf puts her arm over her head. The young woman dances.

Rating: 1/5

Mabel isn’t sure what pair of jeans fits her right. She walks out of the dressing room and asks her friend if the second pair looks better. Her friend tells her both pairs fit her. She smooths the jeans and says she doesn’t know what to do. She only has so much money she can spend. Her friend says a buy one, get one 50% sale is going on and she can get both. Mabel points to her arms to the faint red spots and says she’s breaking out in hives. She says she has to sit down. Mabel checks her bank account on her phone and smiles. She says she can afford both pairs. She gets up from the bench and returns to the dressing room,

Her friend races to the bathroom. They have been in the mall for three hours. She puts her hand on her chest while she stands in the stall. They are never going to get out of there. She fumbles her in her purse for her inhaler. She moves forward and winces. With phone in hand, she takes two puffs.

Back at the bench, Mabel asks where she went. She says she wasn’t feeling well and needed to give herself a moment. Mabel shows her shopping bag and says buying the two pairs of jeans helped calm her down. Her friend says her feet are getting tired. Mabel says there’s only one more store she wants to go to. Her friend glances at the door while they walk.

Director: Jade Jackman Year: 2019

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