Video Review: Brandy "Who She Is 2 U?"

Video Review: Brandy “Who Is She 2 U?”

Brandy sits in the back of the bus and looks out the window. She watches as her boyfriend sits next to a young woman. He puts her arm around and talks with the young woman.

She leans against the fence of a building.

A second young woman walks onto the bus and he moves over to sit next to her. The first young woman gives him dirty looks. He and the second young woman argue.

Wearing sunglasses, she stands against a streetlight on the sidewalk.

He walks into the barbershop. She sits in one of the chairs. He spots two young women pass by and he gets up from the chair. He stops to talk to one of the young women. The young woman tells him off.

She sits on the bench. As her boyfriend and the second young woman get off the bus stop, they continue to argue in front of the Tokyo Aquarium. Brandy continues to watch them.

Rating: 3.5/5

Brandy parks her car in the structure and walks down the stairs. Her boyfriend and the young woman were headed towards the restaurant. It was one of his favorite places. He had taken here there twice a week, at some point. She hadn’t been there in awhile. Her boyfriend said he had gotten sick of it. She had been secretly glad about it, though.

It was the second young woman within a month. Her instincts were right. He was dating other woman. However, one young woman continues to enter the picture. It was the one she believed he really loved. She had asked her about her early in the relationship and he said it didn’t work. She had a million questions in her mind. But she really preferred not to know the answer.

He pushes a strand of her hair behind the woman’s eyes. It was really her. She had wondered what the young woman was like. Brandy wanted to yell at the young woman that she had her chance. She wanted to hate the young woman and slap her in the face. Brandy puts on her sunglasses and walks away.

She makes a hard right as she drives. She wasn’t ready to go home yet. Parking her car in a lot, she hits the steering wheel and starts to cry. She was going to have the say the words. She could no longer pretend the young woman was faraway and existed as part of her boyfriend’s past. She puts the key in drive and continues to drive with tears streaming down her face.

Director: Jake Nava Year: 2004

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