Video Review: MAX & Joey BadA$$ “Still New York”

MAX stands on the rooftop of a building in New York City, New York. Ian Daniel, split into three screens, stands in his home. Shelley Rome, a DJ at Z100, sits by her microphone at the radio station. Mikey Piff, the program director for Sirius XM, sits in the office of the station. Andy Grammer taps his chest. Mo Bounce, another DJ at Z100, also sings in the radio station’s office.

A fireman sits on the steps of at the fire department. Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis sits on the rooftop. Two emergency medical technicians stand by their ambulance. Split into three screens, Hoodie Allen talks into his phone. MAX kisses his wife. The Fat Jew stands by a poster in his home.

Lin-Manuel Miranda smiles. A member of the Broadway Dance Center crew sits on her chair. Mr. Throwback sits on a chair in his store, holding one of his t-shirts. Phoebe Ryan walks on the sidewalk. Jon Bellion plays the keyboard. Liz Gilles bobs her head while at at the campground. Travie McCoy fixes his baseball cap.

MAX sits with the band, AJR on the subway. Joey BadA$$, in a triple split screen, stands on the rooftop of an apartment building. Bryce Vine sings into his phone while at home. Marlon Craft raps in his bedroom.

Split into various screens, the staff at animal rescue cuddle the pets. Alex and Drew sing in their studio. MAX sings at a concert. A police officer taps his chest while he stands by the curb. MAX continues to sing on the rooftop.

Rating: 3.5/5

MAX talks with the band, AJR on the subway. They talk about their respective albums and make plans to meet for lunch. They say goodbye to him as they get off at their stop. When he gets off the platform, he hugs his friend, Phoebe Ryan and asks how she’s been. She says she’s been okay and that’s going she’s to pub crawl in Manhattan later. She asks him if he wants to go. He says he’ll call her.

He walks down the street and sees an ambulance and fire truck rush by. Bryce Vine sends him a funny meme in a text. He stops by the animal rescue shelter and walks some of the dogs for two hours. He calls his wife and asks if he can adopt one. She says she wants them both. He talks with one of the staff members and adopts one of the dogs. He waits for his wife to pick up the dog and he leaves for the radio station.

At Z100, he records an interview with the morning show. The DJ’s tell him they look forward to his new song. He inquires about a spot for their festival. They tell him they’ll pass it along to management. He shakes the hands of the DJ’s and leaves, Jon Bellion sends him a song idea. He responds that he likes it and has some lyrics that’ll work with it.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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