Video Review: Miley Cyrus “Party In The U.S.A.”

Miley Cyrus parks her car at a drive-in theater. She leans against her car while people talk and walk around. A young man opens the trunk of his car and a second young man sits up. Cyrus walks with her friends and waves to a third young man.

She pulls a microphone off the side of a car and stands on the the back of a pick-up truck.

She leans against a wall, painted with the the drive-in’s name, Corral.

An American flag is draped across a stage in a field. She sings into a microphone as confetti flies by her while standing on the stage.

At night. she stands on a swing while her friends climb a jungle gym.

Some of her friends dance on the stage with her as she performs. A crowd sings along while a digital American flag flashes on the screen.

Rating: 4/5

Miley Cyrus dances with one of her friends at her going-away party at the drive-in. Her friend says she’s going to miss her so much. Cyrus tells her to expect a lot of texts from her. During sunset, one of her friends stands by the screen and gives a speech. He says he bought his ticket for Los Angeles to visit her and adds that as one of her oldest friends, says she has been talking about California since elementary school. She made him watch anything related to California. He starts the listing the names of the obscure landmarks in the city and says as children, they pretended to see all of them. He says it’s time for her to see them for real. Cyrus wipes a tear from her eye. He tells everyone to enjoy Cyrus’ favorite movie.

Her parents stop to sit with her. She tells them she has some boxes in the living room that need to be to mailed to her. Her father gives her some money and tells it’s for an emergency. She smiles and says he already gave her the money already. He gives her a kiss and says to call him if she ever runs into trouble. Her mother offers to drive with her. Cyrus says she has GPS set and says the realtor will meet her at the apartment once she gets there.

Cyrus packs her last suitcase in her suitcase. She hugs her parents one more time. Her mother tells her to call whenever she makes a stop. Her father warns her not to sleep in her car at night and spend the night at a hotel instead. She says she’ll be safe.

She turns the key in her car, waves to her parents and heads for the expressway.

Director: Chris Applebaum Year: 2009

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