Video Review: Sam Feldt & RANI “Post Malone”

RANI stands against a bubblegum pink background.

Amber OMG holds up a bottle of Bacardi while standing against a fiery orange background. Inga Shubskaya stands against a mustard yellow background and lifts a barbell.

Three young women dance against a candy apple red background.

She holds up a toy car while standing against a red background.

Ma’Ma Queen plays with an oversized teddy bear against the mustard yellow background.

She dances against a white background and sits on a flamingo floatie.

Against the mustard yellow background, Shubskaya holds up a camera while Ma’Ma Queen, RANI and Amber OMG take a photo.

They dance in the club. A young woman dances by Sam Feldt as he sits in a chair. She dances against a violet background. Against the white background, they have a pillow fight on the bed. Feldt walks against the white background.

She lies on a bed of rose petals. Ma’Ma Queen opens her eyes as she lies on the bed. Amber OMG drinks from the Bacardi bottle. Shubskaya wears boxing gloves. Amber OMG, Shubskaya and Ma’Ma Queen carry a plate of red velvet cake.

RANI stands by a red sports car. Against a pale purple background, she stands under a gold balloon lettered “Good Things.” Ma’Ma Queen sits with RANI in the flamingo floatie. A young man leans against the red car while RANI sings in front of it.

Shubskaya and Ma’Ma Queen play guitars against the pale purple background. They lick their guitars.

A person dressed up as a bear dances in the club with them. The three young women dance by the car. Confetti falls in the club as they dance.

Rating: 2/5

RANI finds a chair in the gay bar and sits down. She looks over the shoulder and checks to see if their is anybody she knows. She orders a drink and talks to a young woman next to her. The young woman asks her to dance. She and RANI dance. However, RANI says she’s straight. The young woman sits down right away.

Amber OMG sits next to her and raises her eyebrows at her. RANI reiterates that she’s straight. Ma’Ma Queen touches RANI’s cheek and says she’s available to talk at anytime. Inga Shubskaya says let her realize it in her own time. RANI pulls back and says she’s knows herself. She walks out of the bar in a huff.

One of her friends comments that she get how someone can love a person of their own gender. RANI opens her mouth to speak up. However, she continues to put on lipstick and agrees with her friend. A second friend says she’d like to be a lesbian for a day, just to see what it was like to kiss a girl. RANI stares at her second friend’s lips. Her second friend asks her if she has anything on her lips. RANI shakes her head and says she thought something.

Director: Deni Kukura Year: 2019

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