Video Review: Bonnie Tyler “Holding Out For A Hero”

A cowboy cracks his laser blue whip and sets fire to a window of a home late at night.

A group of female angels dance above. They turn around as the cowboy sets fire to the home. Bonnie Tyler gets up from her bed. The floorboards on the porch pop up. She runs out of her home as the porch sparks fire. Sitting on the front lawn, she calls for help. Three cowboys encircle her.

Wearing a white, flowing jumpsuit, she stands on the mountaintop in at the Grand Canyon National Park.

She lies on her bed and picks up a framed photo of a young man. The three cowboys enter her bedroom and stand by her door, their whips in hand.

A man riding a white horse races towards her. The three cowboys scurry away. The man shoots at the cowboys, killing them as they fall of their horses.

The angels raise their arms and look up. Bonnie Tyler lifts up her head and sees the young man standing before her.

Rating: 5/5

Bonnie Tyler squeezes her eyes shut and prays it will be over soon. She returns to her favorite memory: hiking the Grand Canyon and standing on the mountain top. Life was certain and safe. Although her body ached and she longed for a bubble bath, she knew she was able to handle things on her own.

The three cowboys run their hands along their whips and bend them. Their vacant eyes held no remorse. There had a been string of rapes and murders in the town. People had speculated as to who it might be. However, even in the shadows, she knew. She pleaded for mercy. She opened her purse and gave them every dollar out of her pocket. They gripped their whips.

She called out for someone to help. A vigilante had saved a few women but hadn’t been able to stop them. Sobbing, she screamed until she was hoarse. The galloping was in the distance. It had to be him. Someone had to hear her.

The three cowboys rush to their horses and head to the forest. The gunshots and grunts shake her out of her fear. The young man, wearing his white suit, asks her if she’s okay. He was real. She stammers and points to the forest. He assures they are gone and can no longer harm anyone. She puts her hand over her mouth and tries to form words.

Director: Doug Dowdle Year: 1984

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