Video Review: Haddaway “What Is Love”

Haddaway catches a statue in his hands while he stands in a mansion. He walks on the second floor. A young woman flings open her cape and snarls at him. He peeks around the corner of the hallway.

Three young women dance in the family room. The young woman draws him to him and screams once she gets him near to her. The lights flash. A second young woman walks backwards down the stairs.

He sits in the chair on the second floor while the young woman walks backwards from him. He dances with her in the family room. She raises his limp body and leans in to bite his neck. Electricity surges him as he dances on the mantle. He glides across the floor and gives the young woman a bouquet of white roses. They continue to dance.

Rating: 3/5

Haddaway was such a gentleman. He treated her to a fancy dinner. Although the scent of blood almost overwhelmed her, she was able to control it in the presence of him. The food has taste and for a split second, she was a human. The feelings stirred the demon within her. Although she tried to fight it, her desire to take his soul couldn’t be quenched.

While driving to her mansion, he exclaimed it was beautiful. She told him it had been in her family for years. A century ago, she had fed on a wealthy couple. As the world mourned the mysterious their deaths, she moved into their home, devouring anyone who knew her true nature.

He screamed once he saw her face. She put her finger to his lips and told him it would be just a pinch. She could take him but she could also give him a new life. Baring his fangs, he proclaimed he wanted to cause as much as destruction as he could. She smirks as he gazes at the young woman she brought for him. There would be no mercy.

Director: Volker Hannwacker Year: 1993

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