Video Review: Taylor Swift “Lover”

A 10-year-old girl, in her pajamas, sits by the Christmas tree in the morning and holds a snowglobe in her hands.

Inside the snowglobe, Taylor Swift and her boyfriend stand close together in ruby red hallway strung with white lights. She walks down the hallway.

Her boyfriend hangs up a painting in the hunter green painted family room. She plays the drums. Upstairs, they play board games on the ceiling. They dance in the study. She sits on the couch and plays the guitar. He climbs a ladder and swims in the fishbowl with her in the aqua painted room.

She cuddles with him in the family room. They continue to dance in their mauve bedroom. They bow to one another in the dining room.

Around 11 p.m., their friends drink and talk at their New Year’s Eve party. She plays the guitar on the couch and watches her boyfriend talk with a young woman. While she cries in the bedroom, he sits next to her and comforts her. She pushes him away.

She climbs a ladder to the attic. He presses his head against the wall in the study. He sits on the couch and gets up. She turns to watch him climb up the ladder. He sits beside her and they watch videos of them together.

During dinner, he asks her “why did the ketchup blush?” She laughs when he says the punchline that it saw the salad dressing. They dance in the dining room again. He watches as she blows out the candles on her birthday cake.

The 10-year-old stands up and hugs Swift and her boyfriend.

Rating: 2/5

Taylor Swift drinks straight from the bottle of wine in the kitchen. She dabs her eyes with a napkin. Of course her boyfriend wanted to invite the young woman and talk to her almost all night. She holds her head up high as she walks back into the family room. The young woman tells her it’s a great party. She sticks her finger in the young woman’s chest and says it will never be her house. The young woman guffaws and tells her boyfriend he should rethink putting Swift’s name on the deed. Swift glares at them both and runs up stairs to the the bedroom. Lying in bed, she sobs while her friends count down to the new year.

He asks to talk to her and says they dated a long time ago. However, they are friends now. She says it hurts her to know they were once in love. She tells him to not talk to her anymore or they are over. He says he loves her and wants to try.

During dinner, he starts telling her corny jokes. She thinks some of them are horrible, but she musters some laughter. She’s not head over heels in love like she was teenager. However, she has changed since then herself and lowered her expectations. He may not exactly who she wanted but someone she could handle living with for decades.

She didn’t want to tell him she was pregnant. They’d been fighting again and she was afraid he would accuse of her manipulating him again. However, a few days later, he proposes to her. Although she really wants a photo shoot, he nixes it. She plasters her ring on social media instead. The young woman replies “congraluations” and she runs to the bathroom to vomit.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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