Video Review: Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Jaykae & Aitch "Take Me Back To London"

Video Review: Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Jaykae & Aitch “Take Me Back To London (Sir Spyro Remix)”ryo

A Rolls Royce speeds through a field in London, England.

On Savile Row, a young woman sews a suit. A sixtysomething man carries a suit to a desk while Stormzy rubs his hands together.

Ed Sheeran makes a turn in the car as Stormzy hangs onto the dashboard. Stormzy leans against the car. Sheeran watches him as he sits on the hood.

A sixtysomething man measures Stormzy. Stormzy stands back-to-back with Sheeran.

Jaykae plays pool at a bar. Jaykae, Sheeran and Aitch ride ATVS. They hang inside a tour bus and drink. In the morning, Aitch and Sheeran clink their coffee cups. Sheeran eats his breakfast.

Sheeran dances on the pool table and hugs Stormzy while Aitch raps in the bar. Sheeran, Jaykae and Aitch gives two thumbs up while sitting in the tour bus.

Rating: 4/5

Stormzy asks Ed Sheeran which suit he likes better.  Sheeran points to the suit on the left. Stormzy looks at and says it was the one he preferred. Stormzy raises his arms as the clerk measures him and says he didn’t prepare a speech. Sheeran tells him he’s going to win and wants to know if he has an idea. Stormzy says he doesn’t want to jinx it. Sheeran says it’s his to lose. Stormzy says he’ll meet up with him later as they pay for their suits.

JayKae pops a wheelie while driving his ATV. Sheeran and Aitch race one another. Aitch pumps his arm as Jaykae determines the winner. Sheeran says the first round of beer is on him and that he’ll beat him at a game of pool. Jaykae, Aitch and Sheeran sit at the counter, drinking beer. Aitch sees Stormzy and waves him over. Stormzy orders his drink. They talk for a few hours. Stormzy tells everyone good night. He has an early start in the morning. Aitch says he’s hungry.

At the 24 hour diner, Sheeran digs into his breakfast. Aitch comments he can’t eat anymore of his bacon. Sheeran puts some of it on his plate. Aitch says he wants to go home and sleep. Sheeran says he plans to clean the house. Aitch motions for the check. Sheeran says he’s almost done and orders a carryout for his wife. Aitch tells him to take his time and that he’ll nap in the car.

Director: K.C. Locke Year: 2019

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