Video Review: Christina Milian & Young Jeezy “Say I”

Christina Milian sit on a chair by a graffitied wall and talks with her friends in New York City, New York. She says goodbye to one her male friends.

She sits on her bicycle with two of her close friends at flooded expressway. She calls a friend of hers on her phone. She walks towards to some of her friends sitting in the car in the middle of the expressway and leans against it.

Lit in ice blue, she and her friend perform a dance routine on the bridge. Young Jeezy rubs his hands together and watches them.

Lit in hunter green, she and her friends walk down the tunnel. She leans against the graffitied wall.

Rating: 4/5

Christina Milian dribbles the basketball and scores a three-pointer. She high-fives her teammates. One of her male friends nods and says “okay”. He adds that he’ll get her in the next quarter. She sits by the bleachers with some of her friends and drinks some water. A friend of hers says that her male friend likes Milian. Milian shakes her head and says he has a girlfriend. The friend mentions that he’s been staring at her the entire time. A second friend tells her they are going to lunch after the game. She waves to them and says she’ll meet them at the diner.

During the third quarter, he blocks the ball and continues to stare at her. One of their friends tell him to “come on and get back into the game.” He smiles at her and passes to the ball to one of their friends. Milian grins to herself. Milian guards him and steals the ball. She scores another three-pointer.

At the diner, the male friend sits next to her and asks her what she’s getting. She says she’s only having some fries and that she’ll find something else at home. He offers to pay and says she can get a hamburger. She tells him “thank you” but all she is in the mood for is fries. He orders her a hamburger anyway. She asks to speak to him in private. In the corner, she says it was nice thing to do. However, she can stand on her two feet. He says that he knows she’s supporting her mom and baby sister with her job. She deserves to have an actual meal.

Back at home, her mom asks her how the game went. She explained her team won. Her mom reminds she has to work late tomorrow. Milian says her shift ends at 7 p.m. and that someone needs to be home to be with her sister. Her mom asks her if she can get off early. Milian says she did that last week. Her boss won’t let her again. Her mom sighs and says she’ll just punch out and deal with the points later.

Director: Ray Kay Year: 2006

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