Video Review: Maren Morris “The Bones”

Filmed through a 1960s retro filter, Maren Morris lies on the ground and stares up at the sky in Hawaii. They walk through the forest. Drops of dew lie in a perfect pattern on the leaves of the trees.

She puts her arm around her shirtless husband, Ryan Hurd while they sit on the beach. She walks on the sand. They lie next together on the blanket.

At the waterfall, the flowers bloom. They swim in the water and kiss. They sit on the rock by the waterfall. He kisses her shoulder. A split screen features the mountains on the left and the clouds on the right.

They drive past the ocean. The branches of the palm tree wave in the wind as the sun sets. He kisses her on the side of her head as they sit on the beach.

Rating: 5/5

Ryan steadies his hands. As he gets up from the couch, his bones crack. He takes baby steps while walking to his wife, Maren and helps her off the couch. She groans as she stands up and grips her walker. The wheels of the walker squeak on the floor as she goes into the kitchen. She sets out his pills and takes her own.

Maren asks him if their children are coming over today. He answers yes, after her doctor’s appointment. He leads her as they walk on the driveway and opens the car door for her. She talks about the trip they took to Hawaii when they first got married. He smiles and says it was a wonderful time. She asks him again about their children. He tells her his answer again.

Back at home, she asks one of one of her children their name. She calls her second child by her mother’s name. Her oldest friend takes Ryan aside and says they can live with her family. Ryan says she is still doing okay. She can no longer drive but she has some awareness. His oldest child says she can take leave from work and that he needs help. Ryan tells her he can handle it on his own. Maren shouts at her second child to get away. He and his oldest child walk back into the family to calm Maren down.

Director: Alex Ferrari Year: 2019

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