Video Review: Ilenium & Jon Bellion “Good Things Fall Apart”

A message reads: “as the earth begins to crumble, the human race has evacuated into the vast unknown. Our last transport begins its ascent.”

A spaceship flies over the clouds and the moon. On the control panel, evacuation initiated blinks in red.

Jon Bellion and Illenium perform in the back of the ship.

The astronauts shake in their seats. A young woman unhooks herself and wakes up her the three young men. An asteroid spreads across Earth. The young woman runs and feels for the door. Using a flashlight, she looks for the proper controls in the cockpit. She smacks the control panel.

One of the young man is able to open the door. While the wind blows inside, he takes a step back. The young woman steers the spaceship back to Earth. She and the young man look at one another and jump.

Bellion and Illenium continue to play.

A hawk made of fire flies out of the hole of where the astronauts jumped.

A message reads: “to those who are courageous enough to change course, we are grateful.”

Rating: 3/5

The young woman was safe. She and her crew were heading to a livable planet. They had tested their crops and diluted the water. Some scientists were going to join them after studying the asteroid. Life was going to be able to continue.

However, she had family back home. She had to do something. She tells her crew members that their wives, girlfriends and children are sitting in their homes, waiting for death. One young man protests, saying he has made peace with it. She shakes her head and runs to the cockpit. The one young man vents to the other crew members, saying she’s crazy and that someone has to stop her. A young man looks to the side and walks away. He wasn’t going to break in front of his crew member.

He opens the door, the sulfur smell reaching his nose. He may be too late. But it was his family he wanted to see. The young woman runs to him and says they are close. He and the young man jump. As the fire grows by her, she is able to prevent the movement of the asteroid. With labored breaths, she says they did something good and closes her eyes. The young man limps alongside her.

Director: Jeremi Durand  Year: 2019

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