Video Review: Kygo & Whitney Houston “Higher Love”

Sometime in 1987, a young man walks with his friends in city. They kick the dirt and sip their drinks. He turns his head and opens the door of a dance studio. He watches a young woman lead a class.

His friends join him by the window. They watch the young woman (Vanessa Morgan) warm-up with the class and perform the first routine. One of the young women talks on her cell phone during a quick break. She sees them and gestures towards the sign on the door. It reads: “Do Not Enter. Rehearsals in Progress.” He walks through the door.

The women of class laugh as they look at him in his aqua blue t-shirt and shorts. He performs a routine. She stands with her arms folded across her chest. He waits for her and she runs to him. He lifts her and they dance together. The class joins in the routine. His friends continue to watch from the window. A Whitney Houston video (“I Wanna Dance With Somebody”) plays on a television in the corner.

He leans against a car, gazing at her while she sits on the hood.

The class performs their routine using chairs in the flooded part of the studio. Two friends walk into the class and perform with the class.

The young woman lifts her head from the table. She looks around and dabs her chin with a napkin. The young man hands her the check. They stare at one another. She watches him leave as she holds the pen in her hand.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman takes notes during a conference call. She suggests they tailor their projections to the current economic climate and wait before making any planned changes. The quarter looks to be profitable but the next one will be challenging for them. She bites into a doughnut and drinks some water as she listens to the executives from another branch chitchat. The executives excuse her department and she returns to her desk.

After work, she picks up some groceries and stops a restaurant for dinner. She falls asleep after eating and dreams of owning a dance studio. It had been years since she last danced. Her parents still had her trophies and ribbons on display in their home. While she was in college, she made a business plan for the studio. In between interviews, she had researched the idea. However, she had accepted a job working for a corporate headquarters of a credit card company. She started concentrating on building her 401k and buying a home.

The young man asks her about her meal. She says it was excellent and tells him he looks familiar. He says he used to dance at her old studio. She asks if he knew some of her classmates and he tells her they still hang out together. He says it’s last day, though. He’ll be joining a ballet company in California. She smiles and tells him good luck. He says it was nice talking to her.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2019

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