Video Review: Linear “Sending All My Love”

In black-and-white, Charlie, Wyatt and Joey sit at the counter at a diner. A young woman runs on the beach. They leave the diner. Charlie sits by the shore and watches the waves.

In color, they stand against a brick wall. Charlie sits on his motorcycle.

Back in black-and-white, they walk along the pier and dance.

In color, they dance in a studio. Charlie sings into the microphone as Wyatt and Joey play their instruments.

Back in black-and-white, the young woman sits on the motorcycle with Charlie. It rotates to color. Returning to black-and-white, Charlie, Wyatt and Joey drive around the city.

In color, sheet music flies in the air as Charlie sleeps. He gets a bottle of water from the refrigerator and pours it over himself.

Back in black-and-white, a second young woman joins them as they dance on the pier. They wave goodbye as they leave in the car. The second young woman jumps onto the trunk. Charlie, Wyatt and Joey order milkshakes at the diner.

In color, they continue to perform in the studio.

Rating: 2/5

Charlie drives his motorcycle to the beach. He sits on the sand and wipes his eyes. It was a mistake to let her go. She told him she wasn’t able to be one of his many girls. She wanted to a stable guy. He didn’t fight it and told her she was delusional. He couldn’t ever like her as nothing more than a friend.

However, he had been thinking about her nonstop. He had spotted her walking on the boardwalk, holding hands with her date. While they pass by, he puts his head down. It could’ve been him. But he was too proud to tell her. He sleeps most of the day and writes music all night. Wyatt tells him he can’t let the heartbreak ruin his life. Charlie puts on his shirt and says there is nothing to ruin.

Wyatt and Joey take him to the pier to cheer him up. A second young woman talks to him and tells him he’s handsome. He grins. It was the usual girl who liked him. He tells her it was fun but he’ll call her later. She shouts “no!” and leaps onto the car. Wyatt curses and Joey asks him if she’s okay. She nods and replies she’s fine. Joey says she can come with him but she can’t do anything like that again. She promises to behave. Charlie makes out with her in the backseat.

Back at home, he gasps as he sees the young woman waiting for him. She leaves once she sees him walking with the second young woman. He races after the young woman, leaving the second one in his driveway.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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