Video Review: T’Pau “Heart and Soul”

Lit in cornflower blue, Carol walks on a screen. She looks to see a young man and woman, in silhouette, against a rose pink background, dancing with each another. A flame burns in the corner.

Carol sings with the band next to her in a basement.

The young man and woman dance within the cornflower blue. The young woman runs. The young woman and continue continue dance, the colors rotating from pink to blue. The young woman and man crawl on the lavender steps. He holds her as they dance against the blood red wall.

Carol sings with the band in the basement.

Rating: 2/5

Carol folds the laundry and glances at the phone. Her boyfriend was out with some friends. He was supposed to stop over at her house. She walks to the hallway and places the towels in the linen closet. Walking past her bedroom, she notices her bedding. She really should change it.

While watching television, she turns up the volume. She prefers to think the phone didn’t ring at all. The canned laughter from the sitcoms provides some illusion that she’s not by herself. Turning off the television, she sees a blinking red light on her answering machine. Her boyfriend says he’ll be over tomorrow instead. She deletes it.

In her bedroom, she glances at photos of them cuddling and smiling on the beach. A framed photo sits on her nightstand. They were the couple everyone believed was meant to be. Her friends no longer brought up marriage around her. She tried to be happy for her friends’ engagements but it disappointed her each time. Her turn was never going to come.

Her boyfriend kisses her as he walks in the door. He apologizes for yesterday and says he’ll be over all day. She said she had planned to go out shopping with some of her friends. He says he has no problem seeing her friends. She says they are going to eat lunch first. He says he’ll go but he just ate. She tells him they’ll be glad to see him.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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