Video Review: Bonnie Raitt “Something To Talk About”

A twentysomething young woman kisses her boyfriend in the pool. A fiftysomething man takes pictures and directs a couple as they walk on the beach.

A seventysomething man and woman dance at the recreation center.

A young man, wearing a balloons on his head, sticks out his tongue.

Bonnie Raitt plays guitar on a small stage, a gold curtain draped behind her. Her band plays next to her.

A sixtysomething woman bites the pen in her mouth. Three twentysomething shirtless men hang out together. A young woman touches the chest of her boyfriend. A second young woman curtsies on the sand. The seventysomething man and woman continue to dance.

Rating: 3/5

Bonnie Raitt sips from her punch. Her neighbor says he didn’t know he could sing like that. Raitt says she plays on the weekend. She and her friends get together when they can. They say one of the band’s members works for the city and he needed some entertainment. He asks her if she’d like to dance.

As they dance, she smiles at him. One of her band members draws an image of a heart with his finger. Raitt shakes her head. A fast song comes on and he asks for one more. She says “why not?” and dances. She tells him it was a lot of fun and that she’ll him tomorrow.

Her bandmates ask for details about the man. She explains it’s her neighbor and that she’s known him for decades. He adds that they became close after he divorced a few years ago. Her drummer’s jaw drops and says “years?” She says she’s gone over to his house for dinner a few times but it was as friends. Her guitarist says there was nothing friendly about the dance. He points to the seventysomething married couples and says he came here for her. Raitt shrugs it off. Her drummer says that she talks to him between every break. Her guitarist says he dropped her off at the recreation center. Raitt throws away her cup and says they are overanalzying things. She and her band walk up to the stage to perform their last set.

Director Matt Mahurin Year: 1991

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