Video Review: Lil Tecca “Ran$om”

In the Dominican Republic, Lil Tecca receives a massage from strippers. They rub their hands on his back. He becomes animated and falls through a hole.

He drives around in a golf cart on the course. Animated hands reach for him as he stands on the grass.

The strippers work out at the gym. He sits shirtless on a bench.

He and his friend walk on separate floors outside his home. An aqua blue outlines the house while he and his become animated.

A young woman has a scrawled on eyes and mouth with a blurred face. Her trainer gives her a high-five as she runs on the treadmill. A second young woman’s breast is blurred while she sits on the bench, lifting the barbells. He slaps one of the third young woman’s butts as she works out.

His head, animated in aqua blue, spins. It’s placed on his body as he walks in the neighborhood. His head returns to normal. He dances on top of the golf cart.

As he drives around in the golf cart, a message reads: “Fun Fact #1 This Video Took Place In The Dominican Republic.” He slaps two women’s butts as a second message reads: “Fun Fact #2 These Women Are Dominican Strippers.” A friend of his eats some food. A third message reads: “Fun Fact #4 This Is Buru. He Was Incredibly Drunk The Entire Shoot.”

Two women touch their bodies as Lil Tecca lies on the table. A fourth message reads: “Fun Fact #5 These Women Asked to Give Lil Tecca A Happy Ending, He Politely Declined.”

Rating: 1/5

Lil Tecca orders some champagne as he sits first-class. He and his friend, Buru, toast to one another. It’s the first time both they have been out of the United States. They rap and flirt with the flight attendant. Lil Tecca winks at her and says he could make her famous. The flight attendant plasters a smile and asks if he needs anything else.

The driver takes them to the hotel. Lil Tecca reaches for his bags. A hotel clerk introduces himself and says the penthouse is reserved for him and that he’ll handle the bags. Lil Tecca “oohs” at the gold frames and glass tables in the lobby. He smudges the gold frame with his finger. A hotel clerk asks him not to touch.

He mentions he has to learn how to golf. It’s what people with money do.. He and Buru miss each hole. The people behind them groan and ask them to hurry. They visit the sauna and continue to dance. They joke while the men next to them try to sleep.

Buru and Lil Mecca head to the strip club. They invite some of the young women back to the hotel. In the morning, they use the fitness equipment. Lil Mecca slaps their butt, telling them they are doing a great job and to keep up the good work.

Lil Mecca and Buru watch porn in the hotel room and drink every bottle in the minibar. The hotel clerk calls him and says his card has been declined. Buru says he doesn’t have anything. Lil Tecca calls his parents to send him some money to pay for the rest of his vacation.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2019

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