Video Review: Cherrelle “Artificial Heart”

Against a darkened background, a young man, wearing a business suit, sits on a couch.

A fan spins in the factory. Cherrelle, with a black bandana in her hair, stands on the top level. Men carry bags over their shoulders. A thirtysomething man stands by the levers.. Cherrelle shovels crystals into a stove.

The young man smokes while he sits on the couch.

She tosses her shovel to the shirtless, muscled man next to her. A second shirtless man pulls some levers. The first shirtless man dumps some waste in a container. She walks down the stairs and leans against a gray column. The first shirtless man steps away from the smoke from the container. She stands with her hands on her hips.

Rating: 4.5/5

Cherrelle signs the write-up. She claims she didn’t do anything wrong. Her boss tells her it’s the first strike and she needs to be careful. He adds that her production levels have been slowing down and she’s going to be scheduled for retraining next week.

During retraining, her co-worker asks her what’s she doing there. She understands everything and is moving faster than he is. She says that she thinks their boss is trying to get rid of them. Their boss walks into the room and says he has some unfortunate news to share. One of them co-workers has been diagnosed with cancer. He says they will be holding a fundraiser for them. She whispers to her co-worker how much the executives plan to steal.

Cherrelle watches one of her co-workers leave his shift early. She tells him that he can’t go yet. They still need someone to help with the shoveling. He says that he got fired. Cherrelle gasps and says that his wife in his hospital. He tells her their boss told him he was calling in too much. Cherrelle says to contact her if he needs any help. He says he’ll figure things out and tells her to watch out for herself. She tells him that she’ll miss him. The boss stares them, his hands on his hips. The co-worker waves goodbye and leaves. The boss tells her to mind her own business and get back to work.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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