Video Review: Jess Glynne "Right Here"

Video Review: Jess Glynne “Right Here”

In black-and-white, Jess Glynne sits on an oversized chair. A friend of her stands beside with her with her dog.

She dances by a gray brick building.

She gets out of the chair. A jacket is thrown at her and she grabs it. Wearing the jacket, two people dance on the sidewalk. The images are doubled.

A friend dances by the gray brick building, blended in black-and-white and color.

Returning to black-and-white, she hangs out with her friends in the the back of a truck. Milk pours backwards out of the bottle. A second friend does a handstand by the brick wall. She and another friend sit in a cart. Their friends drive them around on the sidewalk.

She sings into a microphone with her friends playing instruments. A sequined Yes! sign stands behind her.

Rating: 2/5

Jess Glynne coughs into the phone and tells her boss she’s sick. She changes into jeans and a t-shirt. While eating some pizza for breakfast, she catches up some television. She pets her cats and tells them she’ll be home in a few hours.

Driving down the expressway, she turns the music up and sings along. She parks in the structure and walks around. At the bar, she meets with some friends. She tells them she’s quitting school but she hasn’t told her parents yet. Her friend asks her what’s she’s going to do. She shrugs and says she’s going to work and hang out. She says she wasn’t really getting anything out of her classes. Her friend says they’ll miss her in the dorm and that they enjoyed her parties. She says she’ll still go to the parties.

Glynne and her friends a grocery cart and she hops in it. She pats her friend’s arm and tells him to push her. He rides and crashes into the other cart with her other friend. She drinks from a flask in her purse. Her friend helps her out of the car and she falls down, laughing. Her friend offers to drive her home. She says she can walk. Her second friend tells her it’s 10 miles away. Her friend reaches for her arm and she pushes it away, saying she can do it herself. Her friends tell her she’ll see her later. One of her friends says he’ll stay with her until she sobers up. She bumps her hand against her chest and says she doesn’t want to go. He asks her if she wants to get some coffee. She murmurs “okay” and lets her friend lead her to the cafe.

Director: N/A Year: 2014

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