Video Review: Lewis Capaldi “Someone You Loved (Version 3)”

Lewis Capaldi and his girlfriend hold hands as they sit on a bench at night. She pulls away her hand and places it in her lap. He stares at the ground while she walks on the street.

A young man helps him off the bench. He watches her as she walks. A second young puts his hands on his shoulder and shakes his head at him.

He turns and a group of 16-year-old young women tell him to stop, A group of people run and create a barrier in the street. She looks over her shoulder and sees him between the lines of people blocking him from her.

He shouts to himself while he continues to look for her.

Rating: 2/5

The text was sent. Lewis Capaldi had to say it. She had to know that she was losing a great guy and she’ll find no one like her again. Maybe she’ll respond with a sad emoji. His one friend hands him a beer and tilts his head while he says, “please, tell me you didn’t contact her.” Capaldi says he just told her she was making a mistake. His friend puts his head in his hands and says he’s better off without her. He throws up his hands and says he’ll never learn.

His 16-year-old cousin shows him some dating websites. She and her friends advise that he they could create a profile for him online and help screen the women. He says that’s okay. His cousin says it’s pathetic of him to even consider meeting her after everything she did to him. He said he just wants to clear the air. Her best friend tells him he’s being pathetic.

His mom tells him not to go. His father says they can spend the day fishing. His sister says one of her friends likes him and deserves a chance. He tells his family he’s going to be her friend and that he’s inviting her over for his birthday. His mom says he’s only going to be disappointed again. He says he’s an adult and can talk to whoever he wants.

Director: Ozzie Pullin Year: 2019

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