Video Review: Aaron Hall “When You Need Me”

In black-and-white, Aaron Hall plays the piano in his home. He kisses his girlfriend. She touches his face and kisses him.

Back in color, he stands by the piano. He drives to his girlfriend’s house. His friends in her neighborhood say hello. He kisses her mother on the cheek. His girlfriend walks downstairs, carrying a stuffed teddy bear. She pets his dog as she sits in the car while he pulls out of the driveway.

At his home, they sleep together in his bedroom. In black-and-white, they have sex in the shower.

Back in color, she pulls his arm and watches as he turns to the sheet music and writes something in it. He whispers in her as they eat at the cafe. Several fans approach them and he poses for a picture with them. One of the fans puts her phone number in the pocket of his shirt. His girlfriends turns her head away and places her arms on the table.

Wearing an evening gown, she watches him as he writes on the sheet music. She returns back to their bedroom. While hanging up his shirt, the piece of paper falls out of his pocket. She throws the piece of paper at him as he sits at the piano. He shrugs. She looks up at the stairs as she carries her suitcase and stuffed teddy bear.

She meets a young man at a party. He gives her his business card. He pours drinks and spills it on the table. She sips her champagne and stares at Hall as he passes by. The young man asks who that was. She puts her hand on his arm and he pulls away. He throws the liquor at her face. She empties her glass on her face and walks away. He chases her and hits in her in the cheek. Hall picks her up as she cries on the ground. Hall’s bodyguards knock him out.

She cries in Hall’s car. The police arrest her boyfriend. Hall sits next to her and gives her a hug.

Rating: 5/5

Aaron Hall tells his girlfriend’s mom that the therapy has been going well. They were able to find someone she felt comfortable with. Her mom says the first therapist did more harm than good. She says she was so glad to he was the one who was able to get her out of her situation. Hall says she still has problems sleeping, though and she won’t talk to him about it. Her mom tells her she needs time.

His girlfriend says she wasn’t able to find the photo album as she walks into the kitchen. She might’ve lost it in the move. She apologizes it over and over. Hall puts her arm around her and says they’ll look for it. His girlfriend nods and says it had some of her favorite childhood photos. Her mom tells her dinner’s almost ready and asks her to stir the sauce. She says she could’ve made dinner. Her mom places the pot on the counter and says it was something she wanted to do. He grabs the pad and puts it on the table while his girlfriend carries the sauce. At the table, her mom says grace and thanks God for her daughter being there with them.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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