Video Review: Katy Perry "Small Talk (Version 2)"

Video Review: Katy Perry “Small Talk (Version 2)”

Katy Perry picks up her dog, Nugget as they sit on the bed. She talks to him. Wearing a facial mask, she eats breakfast at the table. She sits on the table with her, munching on her food. In the backyard, she holds Nugget as she walks on the treadmill.

She smiles as she combs and fluffs his hair as he sits on her vanity. She blows the hair dryer over her fur and her hair. She stands with her in front of her trophy case from previous dog show competitions. They practice turns in the family room.

They drive in her pink convertible to the Mutt Ball, whose theme is: “making fetch happen.” She walks with her during the presentation. The owners pose with their dogs on a platform, a green curtain behind them. The judge rate her competitors with average scores.

A dog rides a skateboard on his hind legs. The judges clap as she walks with Nugget. They award with perfect 10s. She blows a kiss the audience and accepts her first place trophy. A young man walks in with his dog and nods to her. She breaks the trophy. They meet in the center of the aisle and he kisses her hand. They leave the competition together.

While she and the young man eat at the cafe, Nugget stares at the ground. They share an ice cream and ride their bicycles in her neighborhood. Nugget watches as she strokes the young man’s face in bed. She sits in her dog house and thinks of how she used to go everywhere with her. Nugget sheds a tear.

The young man carries a box as he moves into the box. His dog offers Nugget his bone. Pink hearts fly as Nugget bops the young man’s nose. The young man and Perry sit on the couch, their dogs beside them. His dog eats out of the popcorn bowl. She takes a handful of popcorn as the credits start for The Barky Bunch.

Rating: 5/5

Nugget places her head between her paws as she sits by her bowl. Katy Perry urges her to eat. Her boyfriend pets her head and she shows him her teeth. Perry scolds her and tells she has to be nice to him. Nugget walks to the bathroom and sits by herself. She tells her boyfriend she’s going to call the vet. Nugget hasn’t been herself lately. She must’ve ate something. She schedules an appointment.

In the car, Nugget smiles as she sits in the passenger seat next to Perry and smiles. She whines for Perry to pet her. Perry reaches her hand over to her at the traffic stops. Nugget sees the park and bounces in the seat. Perry tells her they may stop there on the way home. Nugget pouts.

The veterinarian listens as Perry describes Nugget’s symptoms. She said they started once she started dating her boyfriend. The veterinarian says Nugget misses her and is depressed about the changes. Nugget may think that Perry no longer wants her. Perry bends down and kisses Nugget on the forehead. The veterinarian prescribes her Prozac.

Her boyfriend suggests a play date with his dog. His dog chases Nugget in the backyard. Nugget lets out a playful bark. Perry puts her hand on her boyfriend’s and says that it’s the happiest she’s seen Nugget in months.

Director: Tanu Munio Year: 2019

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