Video Review: Chris Brown & Gunna "Heat"

Video Review: Chris Brown & Gunna “Heat”

At the Indigo store, Chris Brown opens the register. Gunna points to the window and asks him if he sees the women waiting by the door. The young women scream and hit the window. Brown exclaims “oh shit!” Gunna responds “that we’ve got to them in right now.” Brown opens the gate and they greet the young women as they walk into the store. Brown counts the women and smiles. They high-five one another.

Brown and several male dancers perform a routine on the second floor.

Brown answers the first young women’s question about a dress and checks out another second young women as she walks by him. He helps a third young women try on a pair of high heels and shows her some dresses from the rack. They follow him to the fitting room.

Gunna helps a fourth young woman with a pair of boots. A fifth young woman asks for his assistance.

The young women stand in rows on the second floor. Gunna walks between them.

The fourth young woman tugs at Gunna’s collar as they stand in the corner. Gunna and Brown make out with the women in the fitting rooms.

The young women look at the Brown and the men in mannequin display cases. Some young women perform a dance routine on the second floor. A ruby red light turns on as Brown and the men dance in the display cases.The men join the women in the dance routine on the second floor.

Brown and the young women walk with them.

Rating: 4/5

Indigo was expanding to some luxury malls throughout the United States, replacing some anchor department stores who had gone bankrupt. Chris Brown talks with the store manager of the Troy location in Michigan. Brown says the store looks good and suggests some displays be moved. He shakes the store’s manager hand and calls Gunna, the regional manager.

He and Gunna had begun as store clerks in the first store. They had worked there as a way to meet young women. While working, they often slept with the women in the fitting rooms. Brown had fallen in love with one of the women and gotten her pregnant. They had broken up on and off throughout the years. She had suspected him of being with other women and said he wasn’t going to get custody. Brown didn’t fight it. She wasn’t wrong. As he had moved up to manager, he had begun to sleep with some of his female employees. The managers at the corporate level had turned a blind eye. They were guilty of the same in their offices.

Gunna had settled some sexual harassment lawsuits and had warned them it could affect the company going public. The executives blew him off. Gunna also had noticed sales had started to decline. The executives approved higher sale amounts. The numbers weren’t adding up. Gunna put in his notice. The company was going to be out of business within the year.

Directors: Edgar Esteves & Chris Brown Year: 2019

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