Video Review: Phil Collins “Sussudio”

A fortysomething man walks his dog past a club. They stop for the dog to urinate on the curb. A group of people exit the club.

Phil Collins jumps on stage as the last song finishes. He thanks the crowd and tells his band “let’s try Sussudio.” He introduces the song to crowd and starts to perform.

Some men at the bar glance at the stage and sip their beers. They sit in the chairs and watch as he mimes playing a guitar. A young woman moves her shoulders as she sits in her seat. Some people stand up and clap along. As Collins claps, a majority of people stand up. People dance by their tables. The bartender rings the bell and Collins winks.

Rating: 3.5/5

Phil Collins drinks a second glass of water. The owner asks him if he can perform two more songs. Collins nods as he eats his French fries. One of his guitarists weaves through the crowd and excuses himself as a server carries a tray of food. He sits next down to him and exclaims “did you see the crowd?” Collins eats a mouthful of his fish and says they were really into it. He asks if he could stay on longer. His guitarists gestures for a refill of his drink and says he could play all night. Collins says he thinks they are going to.

Collins and his band walks up to the stage. The crowd whistles and claps as he steps to the microphone. He asks everyone how their is evening is going. Some call out “great!” Others clap and “woo!” Collins says he hopes he was able to make it better.

People line up outside. The hostess writes down people’s names. In line, they ask who is performing. She says it’s some Collins guy and gives them the estimated wait line. The owner offers drinks to the people waiting in line. He stands at the register. A couple of people hold their check and say they wish they didn’t have to go and ask the next time Collins is going to play again. The owner says he’s going to look into it and thanks them for coming. He glances at the tables and sees people continue to dance.

Collins finishes his second set and the group of people get up to leave. As they pass by, they tell it was an awesome show and they really had fun. Some ask if he has signed a contract with a record company yet. The owner pays the band an additional $1,000. He says he hopes to come back next week. Collins says he’ll have to discuss it with the band. Collins turns to his guitarist and says they may need to create a contract after tonight. The guitarist says one of their band members is a lawyer. They’ll set up a meeting with him sometime during the week.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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