Video Review: Jonas Blue & Nina Nesbitt “Desperate”

Nina Nesbitt watches a car burn as she stands in a field in Nashville, Tennessee.

She lies in bed and stares up at the ceiling. She wanders around her bedroom.

A young woman runs from the car. Nesbitt gets in her car and drives. She scraches out something on her list in her notebook.

She and Jonas Blue make out on the bed.

Nesbitt sits across from the second young woman in the diner. Her arms crossed, she watches as the young woman eats at the counter. She gets out her list again and confronts the young woman. She puts a condom in her glass and smirks. Nesbitt walks out of the diner and continues to drive.

Back in the bedroom, she checks her text messages and tells Blue “I need to borrow your car tomorrow.”

Rating: 2/5

There would be one less woman after her boyfriend. Nina Nesbitt knew of at least two more. She hadn’t figured out the details of where they lived yet. The constant text messages and secret phone calls had become a minimal amount. Jonas Blue still took them, though after they slept together.

One of his young women had sent her an invoice her car. She had tossed it in the trash. It wasn’t her problem. Despite her doubts, she was faithful to her boyfriend. Although he gave her no reason to be, she believed they could work through his affairs. He was a good person. However, monogamy wasn’t his strong point.

She searched for social media about the third young woman and found her address. Searching through her pictures, she saw some of her boyfriend. Her heart sank as she scrolled through the pictures of them on vacation. She made notes in her notebook and told Blue she was leaving. In her bag, she packed her lunch and a change of clothes. It was a three-hour drive to Memphis. She hopes to catch the young woman at work. It’ll cut some time out of her commute.

Director: Patrick Tolhill Year: 2019

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