Video Review: Mya & Jadakiss "Best of Me"

Video Review: Mýa & Jadakiss “Best of Me”

Mýa practices a dance routine in the studio with her friends. She takes her towel off the barre and leaves. They walk downtown afterwards and window shop as they pass the stores. Jadakiss parks his car and walks with his friends on the sidewalk.

In an ice blue lit room, she stands and looks up to the ceiling.

Jadakiss touches her arm and talks to her by the window. They exchange phone numbers.

She dances on a beige lit stage.

She and her friends park their motorcycles in the parking lot and walk inside the club. They sit on a black couch and order drinks. Jadakiss sits next to her and her friends excuse themselves. Jadakiss puts his hand on her leg and whispers in her ear. They walk to the back of the club. He touches the chain on her pants. She imagines him putting his hands on her while she’s topless. Back in reality, she places her head on his chest.

She and a group of her friends dance in the parking lot. Jadakiss raps as he leans against his car. She walks away from him.

She and her friends continue to dance in the parking lot.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jadakiss wasn’t going to give up. Mýa places her cell phone on the table. She really wants to respond and tell him everything about her day. She had told me she just wanted to be friends. However, it hurt to talk to him, knowing she couldn’t be with him. Her schedule was erratic. She taught dance during the week and picked up some shifts at a clothing store. In between, she was rehearsing a dance routine and planning flights as she auditioned for various theatres. She had almost made it into the Toronto Theatre.

He’d told her he’d wait. But she couldn’t ask him to do it for her. She had no idea if she was going to land anywhere. She wanted to try, though. For the past few years, she had gone a few dates and kept her relationships short. She could leave at anytime. At each audition, she went alone. She stayed in cheap motels and returned home within a few days. Her parents and friends had offered to come along with her. She had refused, stating she need the time to focus.

She wanted to ask Jadakiss. He seems to calm her down and get her out of her head. But she knows something will happen if she takes him with her. She wouldn’t be able to resist him. Jadakiss texts her a funny joke. She giggles and asks if he wants to go to Boston with her. He responds back with “sure.” She bites her lip as the butterflies flutter. It was as though she was going to lose control.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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