Video Review: Ashanti "Baby"

Video Review: Ashanti “Baby”

Ashanti, wearing a black dress, plays a piano in the middle of a staircase. Wearing a white lace dress, she walks down the stairs.

A young woman (Nia Long) tosses and turns in bed.

Ashanti dissipates into charcoal gray fragments as she sits by the piano. The young woman wakes up.

Ashanti walks on the balcony of the home. She smokes a cigar.

In the pouring rain, the young woman runs in the rain, holding onto her umbrella. She opens the door of the car waiting for her and gets inside the backseat. The car pulls into a mansion. She pounds on the gold-plated doors. He opens the door and she hugs her boyfriend.

The young woman takes a bath and watches her boyfriend as he shaves. She walks to the dinner table and leans in to talk with him. Their guests eat and drink wine. She and the young man drive in his convertible. Back at home, she whispers in his ear as they sit on the couch, watching television.

Wearing a bikini, Ashanti stands by the pool.

They lie together in bed. She caresses his chest as they ride on his motorcycle at night. She leaves her boyfriend’s house. The driver takes her back home.

Rating: 3.5/5

Marriage had the been the deal breaker for Ashanti. Her ex-boyfriend, who was 10 years older, wanted to her to be a stay-at-home mom after graduation. She told him she wanted to be a teacher for awhile and start her career. He told her she could be with their children and help them with their homework. She shook her head and slammed the door. He didn’t get it. She broke up with him, telling him their lives were going in different directions.

She hadn’t expected to receive a wedding invitation in the mail so soon. She knew he had been dating someone and had even met her at one of his parties. However, it seemed to be soon. His current girlfriend was a good person, if a bit eager to please to him. Whatever he said, she immediately agreed. It was as though he was her last chance at love. His girlfriend was quiet as she talked with him. She had tried to get her involved in the conversation but his girlfriend kept holding onto his arm.

On the R.S.V.P., she marks no. It was time for her to move on from him. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t go alone. It would cause trouble between her and her current boyfriend if she didn’t ask him. Taking him would lead to questions she didn’t want to answer. She was happy for her ex-boyfriend. However, there was a part of her wish that it had been her, perhaps in a few years.

Directors: Nia Long&  Irv Gotti Year: 2002

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