Video Review: Twenty One Pilots "Levitate"

Video Review: Twenty One Pilots “Levitate”

The rebels carry their torches while Tyler stands second in line as they walk across the mountain. At night, two of the members shave his head as Josh plays the drums. An eagle flies past them.

Tyler leads them as they continue to walk in the early morning. During a ritual, the rebels attach patches to his jacket. The fire burns in several pockets on the mountain as Tyler dances.

He sits with the leader at the campfire. A person snatches him from behind and drags him.

Rating: 2/5

The leader of the rebels announced that Tyler was one of them. Tyler told him he was proud to be there. He wanted to help. They had promised to protect him. Someone had to be following him, though. The men in robes would’ve noticed his absence by now. The mountains were remote but Tyler had spotted open areas.

He had been initiated into the rebels. Josh vouched for him while he struggled during the ceremony. Some people believed he wasn’t authentic. They thought he was searching for information. He had been able to share some information regarding the men in robes’ next moves. He told them they had to stay alert. They were merciless.

The group gasped as he was taken. Tyler stared off to the side. He was a liability to both sides now. The man was sent to kill him. The rebels were next. The man in robe plops in the center and growls “what did you tell them?” Tyler remains silent. The man in the robe raises his hand and Tyler turns his head. The rebels were able to buy him some time. He had hoped he had been able to change things with his information. The man in robes had to be defeated. The rebels were the only ones capable of it.

The man in the robe whispers “it won’t be tonight” and shoves him in the back of a horse. While sitting in the back, he was unable to sleep. He was going to be an example for others. He prayed for it to be fast.

Director: Andrew Donoho Year: 2018

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