Video Review: Aly & AJ “Rush”

AJ writes in her notebook as Aly sits on the bed, her guitar beside her. Aly peers through the blinds as the sun rises They grab their backpacks and guitars as they head out of their home. They walk the trail on a trail and hang out out at the beach.

A young man surfs. AJ writes state’s names on different metal boxes. A second shirtless young man holds his surfboard and waves to AJ. Aly and AJ walk with a group of their friends. A third shirtless young man ziplines across the river. They sit on the cliff and watch their friends dive into the water.

They walk into the city and look at the wind chimes. They sit in front of the street vendor’s area and play their guitars. People drop money into Aly’s hat.

In electric blue, they count their money in a gazebo.

They walk into a music shop and buy two microphones.

They set up the microphones in their bedroom and record a demo.

At night, they hang out with their friends during a bonfire.

Aly looks over her shoulder as they walk to the beach. She and AJ run to the shore.

Rating: 3/5

Aly comments to her sister, AJ that they can’t sit in the house and wait for the dive bars to get back to them. They received their busking permit in the mail and have to start somewhere. AJ suggests some places by the beach. Aly responds that’ll not enough people to care. She says they have to be in the way where people can’t avoid them.

AJ says she wants to talk to her crush at the beach. Aly nods and tells her that they’ll meet up with their friends. AJ checks out her crush as he rides a wave. They talk together for a while. AJ tells her she’s leaving to go to lunch with him. AJ tells her not too long. During the hour, Aly checks her watch and decides to walk into the city to look for her sister.

At the diner, she taps on the window and sees them sitting at the table. She taps the window and gestures for her that it’s time to go. AJ puts her head down and apologizes for her sister. She says she promised her sister and that she’ll hang out with him later at the bonfire.

As Aly talks with the street vendor, AJ admires the windchimes. She places one by the register and Aly tells her they need to save the rest of their money for their equipment. AJ rolls her eyes. Aly and AJ play for a couple of hours. AJ wipes the sweat off her forehead and says she has to take a bathroom break. She texts her crush as she walks back to the street vendor. Aly tells her break’s over. They haven’t made enough money yet.

Aly declares them finished by 6 p.m. At the music store,. Aly asks specific questions about the microphones as AJ taps the display glass. In between recording, AJ reminds her of the end of summer bonfire at the beach. Aly says they’ll go. AJ tells her it’s tonight. Aly turns off the equipment and tells her they better leave now. At the beach, AJ leans into her crush. He says he’ll be able to say he knew her when. AJ says she’d like it to be a reality. It’s Aly who wants it more, though.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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