Video Review: Post Malone "Circles"

Video Review: Post Malone “Circles”

Post Malone, wearing a knight’s plate armor, sticks his sword in the ground. Dozens of fallen enemy soldiers lie in the forest. He walks in the forest and sees the princess’ face in the lake. His mouthless princess watches him in the forest in her mirror.

As he passes through a devastated village, two young women nurse a seventysomething man on the back of a wagon. A sixtysomething touches her deceased husband as she sits by her tent. Malone touches the nose of a horse.

The mouthless princess looks out the window. An army waits with torches.  He walks with the horse across the mountain and tries to save the mouthless princess from drowning in the river.

Mouth agape, he sees soldiers standing with their bodies on fire. On the ground, Malone lies in an engulfed coffin. Skeletons stumble near him.

The mouthless princess lie is in a circle of her braided hair and picks up a Parisian blue flower. She throws it through the bars of the window. It dissolves through the thick tar covering his coffin.

Malone rides his horse as the sun sets. He takes out his sword and defeats the soldiers. The mouthless princess uses her hair as rope. He climbs her hair to reach the tower.

The trees burn as they ride on his horse.

Rating: 5/5

The mouthless princess regained her voice. She had questioned why she couldn’t go out and play. Her evil mother’s eyes turned cold and she said she it was the rule. She had stomped her mouth and her evil mother had saying a spell, which closed off her mouth. Her evil mother had smirked and told her it was what she got for talking back. She had only wanted to climb the tree and walk barefoot on the ground. In her mirror, she viewed several princes stroll by, flanked by soldiers, looking up to the sky. They gave speeches about the lost princess but advised their citizens no progress had made. She turned the mirror. They hadn’t even tried. Her absence was leverage to create power for themselves.

Post Malone could no longer stand in the court and proclaim his allegiance to the royal family. A family member was missing and they had no intention of finding her. She was somewhere, thinking no one cared with some stranger. He had deserted the prince’s army and set out on his own journey.

Malone helps people in a village. It was the one of areas the prince had said the stranger had taken her was. However, it had been an excuse to bomb a village of innocent people. The prince was trying to start a war with his own people.

The mouthless princess had banged on the window as she watched him die. The soldiers had been following the orders of the prince to kill the one who had gone rogue. She had blessed her flower and dropped it in his grave. It brought him back to life and allowed her to speak. He says her parents will be happy to see her. She says she didn’t even know she had parents. Malone says the king and queen have been searching for her. However, her brother has been plotting their deaths and sabotaging their rescue teams for years. The princess says she always believed her parents were out there. However, for them to be royal, was overwhelming for her. He assures her they are good people and have been waiting years for her.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2019

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