Video Review: Billie Eilish "All The Good Girls Go To Hell"

Video Review: Billie Eilish “All The Good Girls Go To Hell”

In the lab, several men stick needles in Billie Eilish’s back. Wings sprout, tearing up her clothes. She falls from the clouds and lands in tar. She crawls out of the river at night and picks herself up. Hunched over, she stumbles down the streets. Fires spark in the trees and travels to the river. The flames fill the field.

She drags her wings as she walks on the street. Small circles of fire light the way for her. The fire catches up to her wings. Her wings flail to snuff it out. The fire spreads to the buildings. The people, in silhouette, dance within the flames. She turns to observe the chaos.

Rating: 2/5

The governor of the city had been pushing back against its oppressive Congress, vetoing measures unconstitutional laws. The activists were being asked to be speak in other major cities to help lead reform. The governor had been featured in national magazines. The President of the United States was threatened by the talk that the governor from a small town could be competition in the next election.

The city had to go. Billie Eilish’s flaps her wings, eviscerating it within minutes. The fire had become uncontrollable and took out the half the state. Satan had praised her once she returned to Hell. He patted her on the head and told her she caused more damage than he thought. He says the governor had passed in the fire. The state was scrambling for federal help. Satan doubled over with laughter, saying they had it coming. Eilish had suggested another city. He told her to calm down and enjoy the glorious show.

As a human, she had lived her life right. She followed the rules and listened to her parents. She had been smoking in her friends’ home and dropped the cigarette on the floor. She had left for the evening. A half hour later, she received a call from her best friend, gasping for air. The house had caught on fire. God had told her she had a mistake but he had to earn back His love. Eilish broke the gate and said she had attended church with her family. She had feared the world. God told her she had the option to leave. Eilish walked among the clouds and talked with Satan. Satan had put his arm around her and said, “dear child, no one understands your power.” He walked with her and told her he’d been waiting for her.

Director: Rich Lee Year: 2019

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