Video Review: Dru Hill “In My Bed”

A shirtless  Sisqó gets up from his girlfriend’s bed and sits at the edge.

In a cornflower painted hallway, Sisqó, Jazz, Nokio and Woody dance.

Sisqó leans against the bathroom sink and looks into the mirror.

Sisqó, Jazz, Nokio and Woody sit on motorcycles on the curb. Sisqó’s girlfriend puts her arms around him. He kisses as they sit in the chairs at the bowling alley. Sisqó  talks with Jazz, Nokio and Woody as she takes her turn. A young man puckers up his lips as she waves to him. One of their friends lets him know and his girlfriend hugs him. Jazz and Woody’s girlfriends gesture that they don’t care for her.

The young man takes off his shirt in his girlfriend’s bedroom. His girlfriend touches the young man’s chest.

Sisqó dances in a red-and-white striped hallway.

His girlfriend has two other men in her bed at different times. She traces a feather on a fourth young man’s chest.

His girlfriend dances in the red-and-white striped hallway. Jazz, Nokio and Woody dance in the same hallway. Nokio holds a candle and lets the wax drip on his chest.

Sisqó and his girlfriend hold hands as they walk on the sidewalk. She and the fourth young man exchange glances. She hugs her Sisqó as they walk.

Sisqó buys flower at the shop . As he walks up the steps to her apartment building, he sees the fourth young man leave. He drops the flowers when he sees another young woman in bed with her. The second young woman laughs and puts the strawberry back in his girlfriend’s mouth. She continues to suck on it while he walks out the door.

He sits on the steps and puts his head on his hands. After a few seconds, he walks inside the apartment building again.

Rating: 3.5/5

Sisqó bursts back into the room as his girlfriend kisses the other young woman and demands to know how long it’s been going on. The second young man excuses herself and picks up her clothes from the floor. He tells the second young woman she doesn’t get to go anywhere. He wants to know her name. The second young woman folds her arms across her chest and says she doesn’t him owe him anything. She kisses the young woman and tells her she’ll wait for her.

He wants to know why. She starts to speak but he interrupts her, saying he had his suspicions but didn’t want to believe them. She says she’s still figuring herself out and admits she has been with several men. However, she has only felt something with the young woman. It wasn’t anything he did. He stands, stunned in her room. She tells him she understands it’s a lot. However, she does love him as a friend. Sisqó says he can’t be friends with her and leaves.

The second young woman puts her hand on his girlfriend’s shoulder and says she handled it well. His girlfriend says everyone is going to know. The second young woman assures that she’ll be with her throughout. His girlfriend sits on the bed and says her parents are going to find out. She wanted to tell them on her own terms. The second young woman sits next to her and says they will worry about it when the time comes.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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