Video Review: Janet Jackson “All For You”

A subway rides the rail through the sketched skyline of Los Angeles, California. Janet Jackson glances at a young man across from her, reading a book. He looks up from his book and stares at her.

Yellow sparks light up on the dial. Jackson and her friends exit the train. They dance on the platform. A second train arrives and a couple of her friends walk onto the platform. They join in the routine. She puts her arms around her friends and they leave the station.

She and her friends walk out of a restaurant. They dance on the street. A second young man drives past them. Some of her friends dance in the patio area of the restaurant. A plane flies a banner stating “All For You – Janet.” Doves fly in the painted red and blue sky. Several men drive by in their convertibles.

The young man sits on his blanket at the beach. She smiles as she sits next to him in the evening.

An airplane flies over Hollywood. She and her friends walk onto Sunset Boulevard and dance under the sign. A promotional billboard hangs on a building.

A valet takes a third young man’s keys at the entrance of a club. Jackson waves to the young man waiting to get inside. He nods at her and she walks in the street.

Rating: 3.5/5

Janet Jackson enters through the turnstile and slides her MetroCard. She crosses her legs as she sits by the window and waits. A young man walks onto the train and sits across from her. He grins at her and she gives him a shy smile. She sneaks a glance and notices he’s reading a guide. She asks him if it’s first time in Los Angeles. He nods and says he’s been looking for the Santa Monica Pier. He walked around a few hours and decided to try to the subway.

She gets up from the seat and sits next to him. Pointing at the map, she says he’ll have to get off at the next stop. He says he’s seen a good part of the city today, except it was on accident. He ended up going to the Getty. She suggests the Hammer Museum to him. He asks if she knows of any good bars. She handwaves the names in his guide and says she can get into him into the exclusive bars. They exchange numbers.

She giggles as she sits next to him on the beach. He brushes some away from her face and groans that he has to go. She kisses him on the cheek and starts to pack up his things. He points to the right and asks if he’ll be going in the right direction. She says she’ll ride with him until his next stop. He puts his arm around her as they walk into the entrance of the subway.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2001

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