Video Review: Lil Nas X “Panini”

A young woman (Skai Jackson) stars at Lil Nas neon holograms ads projected on the city’s buildings. To the left, he smiles in an ad for Fiat. To the right, he puts on headphones and listens to music on Beats By Dre headphones. In the center, he’s the face for Tik Tok. She rolls her eyes and walks away.

On the sidewalk of the city, she passes a man with a neon bubblegum pink bear hologram head. He pops up in another hologram next to her and she turns her head. She walks through a third hologram and presses her watch, clicking the link for an Uber. While getting into the Uber spaceship car, she looks to see if there any more Lil Nas X holograms. He appears in the windows. She ends the ride.

She shakes her head as she a robot Lil Nas X and several dancers performing in a violet lit alley. A camera snaps a photo of her for her boarding pass. She sits in her seat and sighs with relief. Mouthing “what the fuck,” she watches him dance on the wing. She closes the window and watches the screen. Her eyes widen as she sees him continue to perform on the screen. She races out of her seat and down the aisle to find the ejection equipment.

She flies in the night sky in her parachute. Lil Nas X flies beside her. She switches direction and lands back in the city. Lil Nas X presses a button on his arm. She smiles as she watches the ads change into neon yellow and pink trees.

Rating: 5/5

Sometime during the late 3000s, Lil Nas X was replicated. Numerous people had tried to match his success and robots had been programmed to follow his each move. Corporations had given up and started using the replica for advertisements. Business professors had used the replicate for their classes as a case study. The replica had interacted with students and then formed a life of its own.

She had asked the replica a question in one of her classes. He had given her a clever answer and she laughed. They smiled at one another. However, she had intended to flip some switch in the replica. It started monitoring her and appeared everywhere she went. She complained to her professor and told him that Lil Nas X was bothering her. The professor apologized and said he’d contact tech support. He advised her to be act neutral.

The replica of Lil Nas X was instinctive to her wants, though. Knowing she loathed ads, he had changed the projections of the city for her. It had lasted a two days, though. Sales were going down for the companies. She had turned to see if the Lil Nas X was behind her. However, she saw two people take away a still Lil Nas X.

Director: Mike Diva Year: 2019

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