Video Review: Paula Cole “I Don’t Want To Wait”

A clock without hands hangs on the wall as Paula Cole runs in her home. She stands under a spotlight shining through a window. She spins in a pirouette.

Circa early 1900s, she stands on the lawn of her ranch. Her boyfriend sits on a chair in the family room. He ages and she puts a black sheer sheet over him.

A globe turns. As a 1700s queen, she gazes at the Duke. She rides a horse. He sits in a large chair and falls asleep. Again, she puts a black sheer sheet over him.

Her boyfriend runs her hand over her shoulder in the 1600s while they lie in bed. She waves her fan as she sits on her bed and kisses her boyfriend’s chest. He takes off her garter. She plays the piano. He also passes.

Carrying a torch, she walks down a hallway

In the 1920s, she dances in the family room, wearing a flapper costume. She and her husband kiss on the couch.

She wears multiple necklaces around her neck in the 90s and remains by herself.

Rating: 5/5

Over a thousand years later and she’s still waiting to meet her lover again. She wanders around the city for him. They usually saw each other while running errands. It took her about 6 years before she reconnected to him in the 1980s. Their time was becoming shorter with each reincarnation. She stops a store window and sees a Christmas tree. It was almost 1998. She was invited to a New Year’s Eve party and hoping she would see him there.

Back in the 1600s, she had been a courtesan in love with a prince. The prince had been married off a few months as a way to end their affair. However, they still continued to sleep with each other. The prince had died of a mysterious illness. He had promised to break up with his wife and be with her.

The story repeated every 100 years at first. In the 1960s, she had been able to get him to seek out a doctor. However, he had been misdiagnosed several times. She had read medical books over the years, familiarizing herself with symptoms. She finally knew what to do and would be able to change the pattern. On the street, she saw a young man coughing. She asked him what was wrong. He looked into her eyes and it was him. She told him she was going to call 911 and assured him it would be okay. Through the store window, she watched him double over on the sidewalk as she talked to 911. She ran out and told him to hang on, there was an ambulance on its way.

Directors: Mark Seliger & Fred Woodward Year: 1997

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