Video Review: Bobby Brown “Don’t Be Cruel”

A young woman watches Bobby Brown performing on television.

Lit in royal blue, he drives in the city with his girlfriend. He stops the car as she argues with him. She puts on black gloves and gets out of the car. He catches up with her as she walks down the street.

He dances against a lapis background.

The greeter opens the door of the restaurant for her and Brown.

His girlfriend dances against stacked televisions featuring Brown dancing against the lapis background. He rests his arms on the back of a couch as she dances. As she sits on a chair, her face turned from the televisions, he stands in the corner, shouting at her.

He talks with her at the restaurant. A second young woman checks him out.

In silhouette, she walks by the television screen and dances.

A young woman watches him drive off, which is reflected in her sunglasses.

Rating: 2/5

Bobby Brown had finally stopped calling her. Back at home in the Midwest, she sighs with relief. She no longer had to answer to him anymore. While they dated, she had become another employee to him. He had demanded more time with her and complaining she wasn’t paying attention. Every minute had to be spent with him. If she wasn’t home when he called, he accounted for her time.

He cheated on her all the time. She had looked the other way at first, accepting it as part of the deal. He took her to premieres and introduced her to famous people. It balanced itself out for her. She had called her parents while at a movie premiere. Her father had said they had just seen her on television. They asked her about the celebrities there and how Brown was doing. She told them the movie was really good and she was going to a party afterwards. They tell her to be careful and have. She hangs up the pay phone, wishing she was at home watching television with them.

A few weeks later, she called her brother. He asked her what was wrong. She said she wanted to come home and that she hated Los Angeles. He told her to he’d send her a plane ticket. She says she’ll handle it. She doesn’t want Brown to find out. He responds that he’s here if she needs any help. She says she’ll call again once she’s able to get her ticket. He tells her he’ll see her soon. She says she can’t wait and hangs up the phone.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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