Video Review: Miley Cyrus "Slide Away"

Video Review: Miley Cyrus “Slide Away”

In a split screen, a liquor and wine bottle fall into the pool on the left. To the right, a giant stuffed panda sits on the bed. A young woman’s lime green swimsuit lies across the edge of the pool.

Wearing a gold chain link dress, Miley Cyrus floats in the water, her eyes closed. She stands in the pool, her chin bobbing into the water. She walks to the steps and walks back inside the house.

She leans against the wall, watching as a friend texts on their phone while they sit on the couch. People rush by in a scarlet blur. Another friend takes a selfie on her phone. She stands at the counter at the bar. A young woman, with a blonde hair, sniffs a second young woman’s leg.

Lit in scarlet red, she rests her head on the edge of the pool.

Playing cards and material from clothes litter the bottom of the pool.

Lit in hot pink, she sees a third young woman sleeping on the couch. In the emerald green lit bedroom, she spots two passed out young women sleeping on the bed. A young man, wearing a stuffed panda head, lies next to one of the young women.

She walks on the deck and passes by the Jacuzzi.

At the bar, she turns her head as someone sticks a beer bottle in her face.

She stands at the edge of the pool, her face half in the water.

Rating: 5/5

Miley Cyrus refuses a drink from a young man. She tells him she isn’t interested it anymore. He tells her she’s gone soft. Cyrus motions for the bartender to cut him off. She asks him to stop serving people and to close up. He nods and takes some bottles off the shelf. A drunk young woman calls “hey, I wasn’t done.” Cyrus tells her the party’s over.

She walks through the rooms of her house. Some people had crashed on the floor. She had checked the pulse of one young woman, who didn’t seem to be breathing. However, the young woman pushed her away with her hand. In the backyard, she heads to the pool and swims by herself.

There was no one she knew at the party. She had been friends with most of them once. about 5 years ago. The party had been a way to reconnect with them. However, she realized she didn’t want to be a part of their partying lifestyle anymore. She had spent the night worried someone might overdose. It wasn’t her anymore. There was no use forcing it as her identity.

It was time to go home. However, it wasn’t here.

Director: Alexandre Moors  Year: 2019

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