Video Review: INOJ “Love You Down”

INOJ and her friend walk out of class.

She leans against the column of the college.

The sign for Clark Atlanta University is seen. Her friend points to her crush, talking with a couple of young women from the dorm. Another sign is seen for Spelman College. She shakes her head while she talks with her friend.

She sits against a tree. A young woman cuddles with her boyfriend on the lawn. He hands her a textbook. INOJ turns to see her ex-boyfriend leaning against his car, talking with his friends. A second young man walks on the Spelman campus.

She dances with her friends at a dance on campus. She marks some pages in her textbook as she sits in the hallway. At the library, she looks for a shelf on the shelf. Her jaw drops as she sees her crush, his eyes closed as he turns the page of a book. He opens her eyes and smiles at her. She brushes a piece of her hair behind her ear.

She sits in the auditorium, watches the baton twirling team perform.

At the dance, her crush compliments on her outfit.

Rating: 5/5

INOJ studies for her biology exam in the library. She fills out her flash cards and tests herself. From the corner of her eye, she sees her crush walking the aisles. She looks at her textbook and tries to find her place again. As she re-reads the last paragraph, she realizes she isn’t understanding it anymore. She closes her book and gets up from her chair.

She peeks through the shelves as she walks down the aisles. A hefty snore causes her to turn and she sees him sleeping standing up. She opens her purse and checks in her pocket. He wakes up and waves to her. She says she’s going to get him some coffee. He tells her that would be great and heads for the table.

He sips the coffee and says his chemistry class is kicking his butt. He really wants to be a doctor but the class is causing him to doubt his career choice. She asks him who has. He answers and she recognizes the name right away. She says he’s tough. She adds that she had him for a previous class and she was freaking out she was going to lose her scholarship. He says a break might do them both some good. She says she’s getting hungry. He says he’ll take her some dinner. She grins and suggests a few restaurants in the town. He says he’s never been to the Mexican restaurant. She says it just opened this year but she hasn’t had a chance, either. He says they’ll go there to eat. They talk as they walk to his car.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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