Video Review: Brian McKnight “6,8,12”

Rays of sunshine shine throughout the house. Brian McKnight sits on a chair in the kitchen and rubs his hand over his face.

He stands by a water wall in the hallway and reaches out his hand.

In the bathroom, he tears off a part of the shower curtain. He smashes the vases sitting on the windowsill with a baseball bat. He hits the mirror.

His girlfriend stretches out her legs on the couch while he paints her nails. He strokes her leg. She fades away.

He shoes and hats sit on the shelf. His suits hang in the closet. As he walks into the bedroom, he picks up the phone and tosses it through the window.

He plays guitar by the water wall.

He touches his girlfriend’s stomach while they stand by the table. As she arranges the flowers, he kisses her neck.

In the bedroom, he takes off the sheet and knocks over the bookcase. He breaks his guitar by the water wall. He stares into the cracked mirror.

Reaching out his hand by the water wall, the video reverses. He spreads out his arms.

Back in the bedroom, he sits in the chair and perks up when the phone rings.

Rating; 2.5/5

Brian McKnight answers the telephone. A programmed polite female voice asks him if would like to take a survey. He slams the phone as she asks the first question in mid-sentence. Walking up the the bed, he hurls the phone on the floor. The dial tone beeps underneath the torn bedspread.

Finding a baseball bat in the closet, he sweeps his hats and shoes off the shelves. He hits them with bat, slicing them in half. The top of the bat breaks a lamp. Screaming, he stomps in the kitchen, breaking the microwave and denting the stove. He steps on a piece of broken glass and sits on the floor. He cries as he looks at the destruction of his house.

He hands his brother a screwdriver. His brother hangs up the shelves and asks him if it looks straight. McKnight nods and tells him it’s fine. His brother wants to know the time they are bringing the new stove. He checks his watch and says in a few hours. His brother says he seems to be doing better. McKnight says he’s getting there. His brother tells him to give himself time.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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