Video Review: Fletcher “If You’re Gonna Lie”

Fletcher, wearing a sweatshirt and white underpants, leans against the sink in the bathroom. She sits on the toilet, holding her legs.

She and her boyfriend walk in the field. He kicks up the dirt and they hold hands. They sit on the sand, their heads touching. They walk in downtown and sit against an aqua blue building.  They stop to eat at a restaurant and share a milkshake.

Lit in a hazy red, they dance in the field.

He stands outside her apartment door.

She sits on the bathroom floor.

Rating: 3/5

Fletcher and her boyfriend kiss as they hang out with their friends. Her best friend says they are the cutest couple. She smiles and her boyfriend puts her arm around her. She touches his hand as they walk. As they walk downtown, his friend street markers for the Wine and Beer festival. Her boyfriend says they are going. She whispers to him that she doesn’t have enough money. He says aloud that he’ll pay for her.

At the festival, he gets drunk. He stands next to another young woman in line and tells her she’s beautiful. She runs over to him, dropping her wine. Through clenched teeth, she tells him to knock it off. He shrugs and says it’s not a big deal. She says they are going to be leaving soon. Her best friend asks him if he’s okay. She says he’s had a bit too much and mistook the young woman for her. His friend says he’ll take care of it. She watches as his friend walks over to him.

Back at home, she says he embarrassed her while they were out with their friends. He says she liked being part of the show, though. She says that he’d rather be with her best friend. While they were standing in line, she caught him staring at her. He asks her “where did that come from?” She says she’s a good girlfriend and puts up a lot of his crap. She adds that not a lot of young women wouldn’t let him do whatever he wants. He gives her the finger and walks into the bathroom. She sits on the couch and stares at the carpet.

Directors: Emil Nava & Grace Pickering Year: 2019

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