Video Review: Mazzy Star “Fade Into You (US Version)”

Lit in royal blue, Hope sings on stage, She bangs the tambourine against her leg.

She and David drive through the desert. She stands alone on the sand. They walk on the train tracks. A train drives by in the afternoon. David sits on top of the car, playing guitar.

A crow sits on the electrical wire.

They stand by his car and walk.

The crow flies off the electrical wire.

Rating: 4/5

Hope rests her head on the knee as she sits in the passenger seat. She stares at David, who sings along with the music as he drives and taps her foot. David glances at her and grins. He waves his hand with an operatic flair and she giggles.

At the motel, he picks the right side, knowing that she likes to be near the window. He takes off his shoes and shirt. She tries not to look. He turns to her and says he’s going to take a shower. She mumbles “ok” and watches an infomercial to distract herself.

He kisses on her hair as they finish a set at a dive bar. He tells her she’s apart of his story now. She sips her beer and almost says that he’ll be a character somewhere in her life, in the distance, forcing her to self-examine aspect of herself without him. She gets off the chair and says they should probably get going. The next town’s almost 4 hours away.

Director: Kevin Kerslake Year: 1994

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