Video Review: Tyga & Nicki Minaj “Dip”

Against a white background, two violins play on their own. Another one is added.

Nicki Minaj holds up as stuffed Tyga doll.

Tyga and Minaj stand in an white hallway.

Tyga raps in front of a black window as the violins play on the sides.

Tyga’s real head appears on the doll as she continues to hold it by the neck.

Two young women perform a dance routine in the white hallway. Tyga sits on a couch in the hallway by himself.

He floats over the clear, plastic runway, covering up some of the violins.

Four black painted statutes stand behind a white arch. Minaj stands by Tyga. She sits on the clear, plastic platform. Tyga walks on the column.

Rating: 2/5

Floating violins provided ambient music as Tyga and Nicki Minaj tour the fashion house. The dulcet explains the inspiration in pieces from previous collections. Minaj asks when she can try on some of the new coats. The dulcet tells her it will be at the end of the tour. Tyga lights up a joint. The dulcet motions for him to put it out. He continues to smoke it as they pass through the hallway. The director walks out of the house and puts a trash can under Tyga’s mouth. Tyga looks up and then drops it.

As they pass through the 2015 collection, Minaj hides behind the mannequin and steals a scarf and a purse. Tyga asks the dulcet another question as Minaj grabs a pair of gloves off a mannequin. She tells the dulcet she was informed by the designer that they would be able to choose free pieces for themselves. The dulcet nods and says he can arrange it.

Minaj and Tyga fill up two bags of coats, shoes and shirts. As they leave, a security alarm beeps. The security guard asks to to see their bags. Minaj says the dulcet told her it was all for free. The security guard confiscates the pieces and says they are banned.

Directors: Tyga & Arrad Year: 2018


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